"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." -Pablo Picasso

Tracey was Brock's replacement; obviously, the script writers can not leave Misty and Ash alone together for two long as they would either murder each other or... something else. ^_^.

The most striking thing about Tracey is his dedication to his dream. He pursues, and has gone further in it, than any other character. Tracey is a Pokemon Watcher; the exact nature of this profession is a little ambiguous, but it involves him sketching Pokemon, observing them, learning more about them, and so on.

His observational skills are top-notch, and he knows a number of things the others don't. He can even sometimes identify things like dimensions of someone from a distance, or what attack a Pokemon is about to use. Although he is prone to stating, or missing, the obvious. ^_^.

Tracey's name is obviously a pun; trace (a type of "drawing" for people who can't) and sketch it.

It is appropriate, as Tracey has his sketchbook out quite often. Anything interesting shows up, he's avidly drawing it, and his pieces are very good. This sketching does not always extend to Pokemon - he has been known to draw pretty girls also. He does have a trace (haha) of Brock in him in that respect. Unlike Brock, he doesn't go mad over every cute girl he sees, although occasionally he blushes, and cares about what happens to them.

Tracey's hero is Professor Oak, and would very much like to meet him. This is why he joined up with Ash and Misty, that and the fact that travelling Orange Islands gives him great opportunity for a lot of Pokemon observing. Although he is smart, he is happy to learn from others and listen to them.

Not much is known about Tracey's past. He fits in with Ash and Misty quickly, observing things like their subtle feelings for each other, and developing a quick aversion to Team Rocket and Jigglypuff (although his initial reaction to them is curiousity and excitement over finding a talking Meowth, and wanting to record it for posterity ^_^.).

This character is often compared to Brock, which isn't really fair as they are quite different. Tracey makes fewer wisecracks, and seems a little more reserved. His real personality is somewhat hidden; like Richie, we have seen few of his bad points - although he can be quick to take offense, and unconsciously shows off with his superior knowledge - although he does not seem so perfect.

He likes Pokemon, both as individuals and as the object of intense study. He cares to learn about them, but also cares about them and their well-being. He would help any Pokemon.

In some ways, Tracey is probably the most realistic of any Pokemon character - he's not aggressively headstrong, although he will go into danger if he has to. He gets worried about his friends or strangers he thinks warrant concern. He doesn't overreact or throw hissy fits or cross-dress or have megalomaniacal tendencies. He seems like a pretty nice guy, without the oddities of other cartoon characters.

This normality - or banality as some people would consider it! - turns a lot of fans off of Tracey. In fact, he is probably the least favourite main character, either because people "preferred Brock" or because they don't think he adds anything to the show.

Still, he has his own little trademarks, and I guess we will find out more of his character as the season progresses.

The Pokemon that Tracey has are:


Marril and Venonat are useful for his hobby/job, and work as a team. They can pick up things that even he can not. Marril, with its large ears, has very sensitive hearing - as well as being useful as a water-type in constant ocean journeys. Venonat, with its compound eyes, has radar-like vision and can track people or Pokemon from some distance. I get the impression he does not battle often. Venonat's sleep powder enabled him to capture Scyther.

My thoughts on Tracey: He's one of my favourites. I like characters who most people don't, and his appearance is cool. I love the hair. ^_^. His voice is kind of bland, and his personality is not well defined, but... I dunno, there's something about him I find cool. He has talent and ambition. ^_^.

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